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In the past 16 months I have been living in Darwin, Australia, where funnily enough I went there to paint and instead got caught up in other work.  Whilst there I experienced beautiful everything - it is truly Amazing. The sunsets are a god send.  But now I am back in Brisbane, Australia, to delve again into my works and share them with you.  I managed a few pieces in Darwin but there are many more to come inspired by living and experiencing such a magnificent part of the world. 

This website is to show you galleries of works I've done over the years, let you know of future events and welcome fellow friends. 
I hope you enjoy :)     Steve

About me

Born and raised in Ipswich, QLD, Australia (Pauline Hanson country).  Started my talents as artist in my early 20's with little training until I did Certificate in Arts course through TAFE for 1 year to learn different media.  Passed fine art with no problems but found graphics a bit of a struggle.  Actually discovered I could draw working graveyard shifts in a bookshop in Brisbanes' Fortitude Valley.  I used to draw nudes in the quieter times, and my boss at the time said I should be displaying  -  hence the start of my artistic career.  From there I started displaying in venues/libraries/galleries (lots and lots) and done competition stuff.   Life has been pretty good for me as an artist.  I'm not yet painting full time as  I love working and the social aspect of it.  I am currently working on a series of nudes and boats also definitely am looking at possibilities of a showing by the end of this year.  With saying all of this, I do love work but ultimately I will be painting full time in the future :)

"Keep the Dream Alive"  - something I like to keep in mind

My main media are  Pastels (soft/hard), Charcoal, Chalk, Watercolours and Leads.  I always work on canvas or good quality various acid free paper.  Application to works varies.  Different pieces I may use fingertip to smudge to give a desired effect.  I also like to use watercolour pencils - sometimes not using water because the boldness of the blended colours pleases.  When using leads or charcoals, I like the painting to look photogenic.  When drawing the body or portraiture I always try to achieve an element of reality.  A lot of definition and sometimes other images within the image.  Each picture tells a story.

I like to have fun with my work.  I think as an artist... you have to!  I do a lot of animated series, mainly using pencils or pastels whether they be landscapes, animals and the little people I create.  Examples are in my 'S' or 'Beloved' series.  Simple colourful pictures where gesture, expression and colour, all tell little tales.  I've always thought of them as little self-portraits of life, an emotion or simply a word.

I also do sculpture and have done work with mannequins.  I truly love colour and try to let colour also tell a story in every piece.  In body work it can come with flow and placement to create tone and essence of what the finished piece is all about.  Hot and cold, sharp or soft...   placement

In every gallery I will eventually involve a forword, briefly detailing the series or individual pieces.  The 'Pen to Paper' series is a group of writings by me with illustrations.  I don't write often, but have a compilation of works ready to deliver.  Influences come from life, nature, emotions, or whatever feels right at the time.  It's nice to look back on works and see evolvement, history, reward.

Music has always affected me whilst working on art pieces.  My true aspiration in life is the sound of Johnette Napolitano Singer/songwriter/bassist/artist. Have painted a series just from lyrics to her songs and done many works to the sound of her voice. Beautiful! It's calming to take yourself to a zone and focus only on what's in front of you and what you want to achieve.  When there is sound that stirs things, it's even better.  My thank yous, Johnette.

There will be new editions of galleries by me, collaborations with other artists, news and events in the months to follow.  I'm also working on a new series of greeting cards, bookmarks and have a few projects on the go. 

Many thanks again for visiting this site and I hope you enjoy what I love doing :) 

"Allowance is simply the absence of doubt"  - something else I also heard and like.

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