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Angela Andrews is an open-minded and creative person, and encouragingly welcomes all those with good intentions to visit and browse the pages and content available on AngiesSmartBooks.com ("We").

The information and products available on this website are meant for limited general comsumption by broad-minded people everywhere.
We at AngiesSmartBooks.com adamantly believe, and strongly maintain the notion that there is no excuse for ignorance in this day and age of the Internet. If you are unsure about anything at all, ever, you can "Google" it.

When you share your contact details on this website, we take every measure possible to ensure your information remains private.
Angie's Smart Books will never sell your personal information, contact information, or give it out to anyone unless required by law.
We do not take responsibility for hackers using packet-sniffing software, or other 3rd-parties who may have access, or gain access to your personal information by any means whether authorised by you or not.

Copyright fairly applies to all of the content and downloadable products available from this website. Do not copy or distribute any information or files found on the AngiesSmartBooks.com website without prior written permission from Angela Andrews. Downloads may be shared amongst immediate family / household members, you can make ONE print-out of a downloaded PDF file (please consider the environment before printing documents), and we encourage you to burn ONE copy of each file purchased to compact/DVD disc to protect your purchase from the potential of an unexpected computer crash. The copying or distribution of files or information found/purchased on AngiesSmartBooks.com, outside of your home/business computer network or any device you do not personally own, by any physical or digital method, is strictly prohibited. MP3s or readings of eBooks may not be broadcasted on Radio, Television or by Internet Streaming without prior written permission from Angela Andrews (Angie's Smart Books).

Downloaded PDF-format eBook files are security-coded to protect the content of the file from copy / paste actions, and deliberate unauthorised use or modification of the file contents. Downloaded PDF-format eBook files may be printed. Adobe Reader allows a medium-resolution print-out (150 dots per inch / 150 dpi).

MP3-format Audio Book files are free of Digital Rights Management (DRM) information to make it easier for you to make a copy on Compact Disc for your stereo player, or use a software package like Windows Media Player or iTunes as a jukebox, or to load MP3s onto your personal Music Player / iPod. Even though the files are DRM-Free, the Audio contained in the files remains protected by international copyright law. To be absolutely clear, the word "Free" in the term "DRM-Free" does not imply that there is no cost for the purchase of MP3 files on this website. For more information, Google "DRM-Free".

Although all care is taken to ensure that our website and files are free of computer viruses and other malicious software, Angela Andrews and the team at AngiesSmartBooks.com take absolutely no resposibility for any damages incurred to you through the use and/or mis-use of this website or any files downloaded from this website. Please ensure you have adequate Anti-Virus and Firewall software installed on your computer to remain safe from the potential hazards of the Internet.

If you are offended by any of the material, depictions, or descriptions on this website, you may gracefully navigate elsewhere and not venture further on this site. If you feel compelled to do so, please contact us using this online form and tell us of any grievances you may have with any of the content or links on this website.

Links to external websites are provided for your convenience. Angela Andrews and Angie's Smart Books do not guarantee the quality of links after they have been posted on this website. If you find a broken link, or want to notify us of an unwanted deep-link to your website, please click here to contact us via our online enquiry form. Validated requests to remove objectionable content, or your link / links will be attended to as soon as possible by our web support team.

Do not change the format of the Web Address or URL arguments by modification of any angiessmartbooks.com address in your browser Address Bar. Not only does this cause problems for our technicians, it might also cause the website to fail or behave erratically for you. We reserve the right to block the IP Address of any computer or network that attempts password-cracking techniques on our login pages, or is suspected of email address harvesting or other malicious anti-productive actions. Wouldn't the world be nicer if everyone was just honest?

HTTP-Cookies are used to maintain your shopping basket and login-session while you are browsing this website. Note that login is only necessary when downloading purchased eBooks (PDFs) and Audio Books (MP3s) - when returning to this site after successfully using our external payment gateway (Paypal) to pay for purchases, login occurs automatically so you can download purchases immediately. However, you may return at any time within a 48-hour period to resume download of your purchases. No personal information is stored in Cookies by this website, and Cookies are destroyed when your browsing session ends. For more information about HTTP-Cookies, click here to Google it.

Thank-you for reading the information on this page. Most people never do, so that definitely means you are a clever person.
Most of all, we all hope you have a really awesome beautiful day, and we hope to see you here at Angie's Smart Books again soon :)