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Angie's Smart Books goes LIVE »
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Angie's 2013 Website

Posted: Tuesday, January 22, 2013

To keep up with the times, we have changed our look. It's the same ol' Angie's Smart Books that you already know and have faith in…

Only this time we are adding beauty of all kinds - all the bells-and-whistles you've been asking for - to promote and stregthen the worldwide-exposure of the Angie's Smart Books brand.

Seriously, I am always wondering why people always seem to flock to whatever "seems" popular - just because others say so. Sometimes it's at the detriment of our whole-existence, by promoting laziness, while at the very same time convincing you to buy that new-fangled exercise-machine worth hundreds of dollars...  when all you really need to do is go out for a daily half-hour nature-walk!

Some great sexy celebrity appears on screen to sell you push-pins and sticky-notes, and we all buy just because she or he is overwhelmingly sexy. Sometimes it's a new vitamin, or a silly kitchen-tool that's advertised by a handsome boyishly-manly looking hunk-a-spunk, or some dizzy-solarly-sexy babe, and we can't help but just automatically-purchase his/her endorsed product, right at the supermarket checkout when we are truly thinking at our lowest most bicameral level. Just at that moment when we are most  vulnerable to spend. It's disgusting, and we enable it.

Queensland (AUSTRALIA) dairy farmers are selling out of their businesses every day, just because we stupid consumers are daftly buying $1 per litre milk, didn't you know? Buy local, or be guilty of failing your community. Just because a product is available cheaper, doesn't mean you should buy it. Cheaper often means watered-down... and in the case of cow's milk, watering down is like adding too much lesser-value permeate!


Real health is right before your eyes, and costs nothing but a little time in letting your fruit, vegie and Aloe Vera Garden grow... and then let it grow some more !

It's amazing the QUANTITY of REALITY, HUMANITY ignores.

More amazing is a virtue, that some of us can actually see the way that our beautiful reality and existence hangs together and coalesces into productive whirlwinds of inspiration and happiness.

Don't let guilt-wielding users ever ruin your quality of life. Keep in mind that GUILT is a deadly weapon - just like a gun, and also like a car with a careless driver at the wheel.

Angie's Smart Books in 2013 is on a heaps-huge mission to deliver the message of natural-health to the world. Eat Aloe Vera Gel, and you will live a very long time. Simple, and scientifically provable longevity... It's a fact that all governments ignore, and one that big-pharma-business wants to bury indefinitely.

You already know this, so why do you keep buying and taking paracetamol when simple water is the best answer to your headaches ? ? UMMM ? Only you can answer that.

2013 is THE YEAR that proves that doomsayers are naff.

Best wishes always,
from all the team at Angie's Smart Books.

Angie's 2013 Website