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Cookin' for Cures - eBook Release

Posted: Saturday, November 13, 2010

My friend had kidney disease, a stomach ulcer and many other health problems. He had been on dialysis for four years and he was regularly going to the emergency section in the hospital with complications. I told him of a simple drink he could take to help his health and after six months his stomach ulcer was gone, his toilet bag of meds had shrunk by half and his blood levels were getting so much better he was able to have a kidney transplant. I suggested he keep eating and drinking my herb, and it is now nearly eight months since his transplant and with the help of this herb his body has not rejected the kidney and his health has never been better.


I have had many friends who have had health problems that are now gone or on the way to leaving their bodies. The illnesses are varied and I know I have only touched on a few of the illnesses through my research but I believe this great plant can help the body heal many more illnesses. I have seen it help the body heal liver cancer, arthritis, skin cancer, diabetes 1 & 2, Hiv/Aids, Hepatitis C (working on these ones), asthma, herpes, cold sores, shingles and even baldness in both male and females.


I have made a cook book called Cookin for Cures that helps people to understand how to use Aloe Vera in their drinks and food. As I have found it works best with ailments when it is very fresh as it looses a lot of its qualities within a couple of hours of being picked. The 100 recipes are tasty, quick and easy to make. To learn more about this herb and the different ways of using it go to www.angiessmartbooks.com where you can purchase the discounted signed  e-book.


Cookin' for Cures - eBook Release