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Angie Andrews

Angie Andrews 2009

Angie Andrews and Family

Angie Andrews - Biography

Angela Andrews was born in Orbost, Victoria Australia, in 1961. She is second of the three Andrews' children. All her colleagues, friends and family affectionately call her, Angie.

At the age of thirteen, while at Boarding School, Angie wrote her first book of poems, and now she is a distinguished member of The International Society of Poets, as recipient of the 2008 Award for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry.

At nineteen, Angie became a model and actress. For the following fifteen years,
she worked full-time on a great many advertising promotions, commercials, movies, mini-series and television shows.

Most notably in the 1980s, Angie was one of the famous
Big-M Girls, promoting the household-name brand of flavoured milk. Big-M is still for sale at cafes and general stores throughout southern and central Australia, to this very day. 

In 1995, Angie completed a diploma in Freelance Journalism at the Australian College of Journalism in Sydney, Australia.

Her first four children’s books on Stranger Danger / Relative and Friendly Danger, beautifully illustrated by her talented mother Nina Andrews,
were published in 1996. So impressively constructive are these literary works, it prompted a letter of recommendation from Dr. John Irvine, co-founder of The READ Clinic in Gosford, north of Sydney.

Angie's fourth child was born in 1998. All of her children are red-heads!

In 2009, the books "Aussie Moments", and "The Adventures of Nature Family" were published.
Nina Andrews - good ol' mum - wielded paint and palette again, to illustrate the covers of both books.

Angie now lives in Noosa, Queensland Australia, and travels all around the world as her distinguished modelling and acting career continues to progress well into the future.

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