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Healthy Living with Aloe Vera eNews
Healthy Living with Aloe Vera eNews »
Sign-up to my newsletter for your chance to WIN a FREE copy of Cookin' for Cures ~ Over 100 Aloe Vera Based Recipes. More »
Angie's 2013 Website
Angie's 2013 Website »
Introducing... A NEW LOOK FOR SMART BOOKS in 2013 ! More »
Cookin for Cures Cookbook
Cookin for Cures Cookbook »
"Aloe Angie Andrews"
"Aloe Angie Andrews" »
Noosa Rotary Feature - Not my best photo ever is it, but this is all all for a great cause. More »

Aloe Vera Case Studies
PROOF: Aloe Vera assists the natural healing process of our bodies.

Ailments and Cures »
This companion to Angie Andrews' Cookin' for Cures cookbook will probably find it's way into your first aid kit. For those who are aware of the facts... More »


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Welcome to Angie's Smart Books


A big G’day, from the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Australia,
the home of Angie's Smart Books.

Many believe Australia is mostly just vast expanses 
of barren sandy desert. Did I hear you say,
you’re ready to find out more?

Take another look,
because right here at Angie's Smart Books,
you will find all kinds of tropical and temperate desserts!
This vast southern land harbours many surprising treats,
for all who take a moment to consider where they put their feet.
Just like all earthen-lands, it has mountains, rivers and plains.
But most of all, it's an true-to-heart place, where reality reigns.
Oh, and if only it would rain again, maybe hail,
down-under here, where desperate droughts prevail !
If you get lost amongst the Australian woods,
there's good bush-tucker in witchetty-grubs,
And you can also rake yourself a river-bed scrub,
to ensure you're assured, all your water and food.
Under the sands, lay unseen and grand expanses of life.
Pay close attention, or all you'll discover is strife.
Through all the ravaging heat-waves and flooding rains,
you can know mother-Australia will mend all your pains.
The indigenous-folk all know and tell,
Australia is pure heaven, placed right next to hell.
You must learn how to survive, and stay alive,
so we can meet you next week during full-moon,
at our monthly corroborree, down on the beach.


Angela Andrews presents Books that will
paint your imagination with all the colours of existence
and the suspenseful-adrenalin of heart-motivated adventure.
Your vivid imagination will see, smell, taste, hear and feel,
the real dangers and naturally wonderous excitement
whilst exploring the true natural beauty of Australia.
Explore and Discover
the REAL Australia,

with Angie Andrews.